សិក្ខាសាលា៖ ជំនាញបណ្តាញសង្គម Workshop: "Social Media Skills"

#Workshop "Social Media Skills"
Social media has become an indispensable means of keeping in touch with our family and friends, conducting professional networking and showcasing our talent. But incautious use of social media can also land us in hot water if we’re not careful – particularly with our employer.

Worldwide, there are over 1.7 billion active Facebook users?
55% of workers confess to using social media sites for personal reasons while at work ? Misuse of social media by workers is believed to cost Britain’s economy £14 billion every year in ‘lost time’? This learning resource from Skill Boosters examines the challenges and risks that social media and social networking tools pose for employers, looks at the law on virtual communication and provides guidance for employers on how to manage social media use in the workplace.

#Learning outcomes
This course will give a better understanding of:
1. Common social media platforms and social networking tools how and why people use social media
2. The key risks posed to employers and businesses by social media use and misuse the law and ethics relating to social media different ways of managing social media use in the workplace how to draw up and implement a workplace social media policy.

1. How to prepare or present yourself for effective communication , why it is important?
2. How to use Facebook for professionals and business?
3. How to use Facebook messenger.
4. How to use telegram?
5. How to use WeChat?
6. How to use Instagram?
7. How to text message to client ?
8. Build a mailing list of1000 people in 30 days with email marketing
9. Increase Your Twitter Followers with 10 Strategies
10. Drive Traffic & Sales with simple "how to" YouTube Video

#Date: Friday 08th March, 2019
#Time: 08:00am - 05:00pm
#Location: USA International School, Battambang Head Office
#Fee: $15/person (Included the certificates and twice snacks)
#Participants: Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Marketing & Sales Manager and Assistant, Social Media Officer, University Students

*Phone: 012 716 787 / 010 696 942 / 017 666 553